[CS-FSLUG] Church Management Software

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 23 19:15:18 CDT 2008

pastor.george at nehemiah-center.org wrote:
> This is so cool and may the L-rd bless you for your faithfulness to his call!
> I think it needs to be some type of differential database structure
> allowing for the inputing of vital information like name, address, phone
> etc I would probably have several fields that would be user defineable if
> not all of them since some information may be important to some
> denominations but not others (Date of baptism comes right to mind but I am
> sure there are others)
> Probably you want a spot to put a photograph too
> We also need a way to track ongoing variables such as tithes, offerings,
> gifts and attendance.  With an ability to generate a report on an annual
> basis for tax purposes.
> An ability to have some kind of pop up reminder to alert over worked
> pastors and staff to things like Birthdays, anniversaries etc.
> Probably thats a good place to start I think

InfoCentral does all that except attendance and birthday popups; looks 
like ChurchInfo (which started from InfoCentral code base) has added a 
birthday report and an events module which tracks attendance.


A birthday popup would require the overworked paster to logon everyday 
which is not likely to happen.  If you can write a perl script; you can 
use a cron job to run birthday report and email it to the pastor on 
predetermined schedule.


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