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Don Parris dcparris at carolina.rr.com
Fri Mar 21 01:04:06 CDT 2008

On Friday 21 March 2008 00:34, EnzoAeneas wrote:
> I write software and have thought about just such an application. What
> do you guys think it should include?
> Kevin James
> Fred A. Miller wrote:
> > Pastor George C Cook wrote:
> >> Anybody know of a church management ie membership management software
> >> that will run under Linux?
> >
> > No.....but I wish there was because a LOT of pastors know how immoral a
> > company MickySoft is, and IF there were a good package available, I
> > think they jump at dumping M$ like the bad habit that it is!
> >
> > Fred

Gosh, have you guys forgotten that Penguin in the Pew 2.0 actually discusses 
this very issue?  Chapter 11 discusses several programs of use to churches.


Penguin in the Pew can be downloaded for free from Matheteuo.org or purchased 
from Lulu.com.

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