[CS-FSLUG] Modem Death

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Wed Mar 19 22:46:49 CDT 2008

Ed Hurst wrote:
> Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> No dial tone............are the lines there by chance a lot of bare 
>> copper? Is there static on the "line" or any other problem when using 
>> the phone? If so, static and low voltages can keep modems from working 
>> properly. Do you have another modem to check the line with?
> I'm in a large metropolitan area with relatively new lines. The phones
> are pretty clear for quite some distance out, and our DSL is very hot.

That's because the DSL is running almost all distances on fiber. ;)

> My laptop with an ancient PCMCIA modem gets online over the dialup just
> fine (our AT&T account includes a roving dialup). When I tested the
> "dead" modem with a different phone connection, the ATDT command gave me
> a strange buzzing noise, instead of a dial tone.

'Think you named it already then.........."dead" modem. ;)

> Regardless, I find the thing still refuses to identify itself to
> computer, so the system has no idea what the thing is on the other side
> of the serial port.

Time to replace it, as you're trying to do now.


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