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Robert W. robertwo at insightbb.com
Sun Mar 16 19:52:15 CDT 2008

Davo Smith <christiansource at davosmith.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm looking for some Linux software to help me to keep a daily journal
> / prayer diary, preferably with the ability to tag entries with both
> keywords and bible verses (the latter so you could display 'all
> entries to do with book X' or 'related to book X chapter Y' or even
> narrow it down to a particular verse - something that would be hard to
> do with more generic tags).

I use a small shell script for a daily journal. It creates a text file
with the current date as the name. Then displays that file in a text
editor. You just type whatever you want, in whatever format.

For searching, "grep" or one of the many GUI file searching tools can
find almost any data you want.

It's not fancy. But works amazingly well. The script is available upon

Robert W.
robertwo at insightbb.com

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