[CS-FSLUG] Daily journal

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Mar 16 15:22:10 CDT 2008

Davo Smith wrote:
> I found this mailing list earlier today and wondered if anyone here
> would be able to help:
> I'm looking for some Linux software to help me to keep a daily journal
> / prayer diary, preferably with the ability to tag entries with both
> keywords and bible verses (the latter so you could display 'all
> entries to do with book X' or 'related to book X chapter Y' or even
> narrow it down to a particular verse - something that would be hard to
> do with more generic tags).
> As a side thought, it would be great if this could also link in with
> an area to keep notes under different headings (more like a wiki than
> a journal, but automatically hyperlinked into the journal).
> Automatically hyperlinking bible references to BibleGateway, or your
> locally installed bible study software would be a bonus as well.
> I guess I've been a little demanding with my request, but does anyone
> know of any Linux / cross-platform software that would do the job (I'm
> particularly interested in offline solutions, although I guess I could
> always try out a local install of Apache with Wordpress / wiki
> software over the top of it).
> Thanks in advance (and hoping this won't become another project to add
> to my 'will write it myself someday' list),

This has been something that a few people have wanted now and then. I've 
not found any off-the-shelf program for Linux yet.



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