[CS-FSLUG] Gave notice

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 20:44:41 CDT 2008

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd look here for some common experience and perhaps some 
reassuring words. I gave my notice at work over lunch by using a signed 
letter. I was very angry as I was quitting and felt that I just couldn't 
keep a lid on my anger, so I used a pre-made professional letter off the 
internet instead of writing my own. I felt as though one of my bosses 
had crossed the line with me, she is too fond of jokes at the expense of 
men, and at times I felt as though she was threatening me if I didn't 
shut up and let her claim I was being lazy or stupid at work. Frankly, I 
would call some of her behaviour verbal abuse, especially after all the 
effort I've put into that place and how often I've tried to prove to 
them that I can be a quick learner and good worker when treated properly.

I knew when I got up this morning that I shouldn't be going back to work 
there. I kept asking myself if my boss at work is always calling me 
lazy, then what the **** am I doing each morning getting out of bed to 
work for her?

I don't want to encourage feelings of hatred toward this person, I 
strongly feel that forgiveness is absolutely necessary in a world full 
of us imperfect people. I can't honestly say if her offending words were 
a matter of disliking me, some kind of nature she couldn't help, or 
perhaps just something that she didn't realize she was doing. In any 
case, I don't want to leave my job hating this person, doing so wouldn't 
benefit either of us.

I'm feeling concerned about being unemployed soon though, and what that 
means for my future. I do want to go off to University at some point, 
but I haven't been accepted into one yet and I only have $8K saved up 
for it.

I thought someone here might be willing to share their experience, I'm 
feeling pretty anxious over these recent events in my life. I've finally 
done it thought, I've finally told myself I wouldn't take any more and 
given my notice.

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