[CS-FSLUG] Terminal and Mail Reader software for Linux?

Eduardo Sanchez lists at sombragris.org
Wed Jul 23 18:13:00 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 23 July 2008, Greg Slade wrote:
> I am, after wayyyy too long, revising the Christian
> Telecommunications Toolkit
> (http://freegroups.net/groups/cu/www/ctt/), and in particular,
> Appendix D, which lists software which is useful in electronic
> communications. I'm doing okay on things like browsers and E-mail
> clients, but I'm having a real hard time finding terminal software
> (like you'd use with a modem, to dial up a BBS, anybody remember
> that?)
> So, anybody got any leads?

Maybe Minicom would fit the bill:



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