[CS-FSLUG] Adding a partition for Linux

Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Thu Jul 10 17:16:37 CDT 2008

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:
> I have a PC running on XP and want to add a partition so I can install
> Linux.  BUT...the entire drive is occupied with the one partition for
> XP.  Is it possible to shrink the partition, either within Windows or
> with an external CD so that I can add Linux without loosing the stuff
> I have on the Win partition.  The Win partition while using the whole
> drive is only using 6 gbytes pf the 80 gbytes available!

I use System Rescue CD http://www.sysresccd.org.  Boot it up and enter 
"startx" at the command prompt, then on the bottom left is gparted.  You 
can resize your ntfs partition... I do it all the time.  I recommend 
doing one action at a time by applying it.  When you boot Windows back 
up it will need to run its chkdisk first but it should detect the need 
to do it on its own.

Warren Sanders

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