[CS-FSLUG] Adding a partition for Linux

l4c l4c at thelinuxlink.net
Thu Jul 10 17:14:18 CDT 2008

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:
> I have a PC running on XP and want to add a partition so I can install
> Linux.  BUT...the entire drive is occupied with the one partition for
> XP.  Is it possible to shrink the partition, either within Windows or
> with an external CD so that I can add Linux without loosing the stuff
> I have on the Win partition.  The Win partition while using the whole
> drive is only using 6 gbytes pf the 80 gbytes available!

Defrag your drive, then boot up an ubuntu live cd and use gparted to resize.

-Linc Fessenden

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