[CS-FSLUG] Need Web Space?

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Jul 9 14:24:05 CDT 2008

Hi Kevin,

On Jul 9, 2008, at 6:46 AM, EnzoAeneas wrote:

> Tim,
> that is an interesting offer, but I would ask if there were usage  
> restrictions
> such as no businesses

	Commercial usage is fine.

> and other content control policies (these are
> important to know upfront)
> as some content and technologies can cause strain upon the server.

	If you anticipate something that would cause significant strain on  
the server, it would be good to run it by me, but otherwise no. As per  
the AUP, the only really general prohibition is on putting *undue*  
strain on the server that would impact the quality for others. I've  
never had that problem with any of my accounts however. The server  
will automatically kill processes if they go wild and threaten to  
bring down the server, but again, that's not something I've had  
trouble with. The only other prohibitions are the sort I would not  
expect to be a problem here on CS -- e.g. no pirated music/software,  
no porn, no SPAM, etc. Check out the AUP for full details:


> Another question would be what server-side technologies are available?

	Languages: Perl, PHP (w/ Zend) and Ruby
	Apache stuff: CGI, Server Side Includes, .htaccess
	Shell: jailed shell (keeps accounts private) with full access to  
standard commands like nano, vi, mc, gcc, etc.
	Other stuff of note: Mailman pre-installed, Fantastico for easy web  
app installation, cPanel access to logs, statistics, e-mail account  
settings, etc.

	Plenty of other stuff. If you have a question about something  
specific, shoot me an e-mail off list.

	Thanks for your interest!


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