[CS-FSLUG] OT: Converting from Incandescent to Flourescent Lights

Stephen J. McCracken smccracken at hcjb.org.ec
Tue Jan 15 07:23:50 CST 2008

> about the light color of CFLs.  Once my little how-to is reviewed by the
> appropriate person, I'll see about making it available for others.

I just looked at it quickly, so this isn't a thorough review, but one 
thing that stood out to me was that you have fixed the life cycle even 
for the incandescent bulbs at 10,000 hours.  I would use the real values 
and use the spreadsheet to calculate the equivalences.


P.S. as the to comment about the color of the lights, there are now 
daylight (or whiter) bulbs and warm (or yellower and closer to 
incandescent) bulbs out.
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