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You're in my prayers, Ed!

On Jan 6, 2008 9:05 PM, Ed Hurst <ehurst at asisaid.com> wrote:

> My wife and I have been seeking our next mission from God. We are
> utterly certain it's not where we now reside, but we were simply
> resting and preparing. At the end of February, our lease expires. At
> the end of this month, we have to notify them of our intentions.
> We believe we have found our next mission location. It's an ancient
> house about 2 hours' drive from the OKC Metro where we now reside. We
> can live there rent-free, just take up the utilities. I'll need to
> contribute some labor to various projects, but that's just a means to
> exposure -- we will be demonstrating the gospel message to a bunch of
> folks who don't know Christ. The house is quite suitable for our house
> church ministry.
> The house is not ready. It needs work, but some stuff stored in it needs
> to move before we can do the work. The key to moving forward, near as
> we can tell, is a fellow who is part owner of this and several other
> family properties in that town. He has almost no employees, so he has
> to move this stuff himself, most likely. He's not known for alacrity.
> It's not as if he doesn't know he stands to gain from this, since I have
> agreed to fix the place up, and many other places he owns, all without
> much pay. I'll be doing work he physically cannot, nor has time to do,
> anyway. He has already stated in principle he would pay for any
> materials we need on this house, but it needs his attention soon, or we
> will be pretty much stuck where we are for another 6 months. Right now,
> there is no other feasible offer.
> Our prayer is God builds a fire under this man, so that he acts with
> uncharacteristic fervor in doing his part to make this house available.
> Farther down the road, I'm praying I can obtain a server-quality machine
> so as to self-host future ministry websites from this location. Net
> connections in this town are abundant.
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