[CS-FSLUG] Prayer Request: Next Mission

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sun Jan 6 20:05:02 CST 2008

My wife and I have been seeking our next mission from God. We are 
utterly certain it's not where we now reside, but we were simply 
resting and preparing. At the end of February, our lease expires. At 
the end of this month, we have to notify them of our intentions.

We believe we have found our next mission location. It's an ancient 
house about 2 hours' drive from the OKC Metro where we now reside. We 
can live there rent-free, just take up the utilities. I'll need to 
contribute some labor to various projects, but that's just a means to 
exposure -- we will be demonstrating the gospel message to a bunch of 
folks who don't know Christ. The house is quite suitable for our house 
church ministry.

The house is not ready. It needs work, but some stuff stored in it needs 
to move before we can do the work. The key to moving forward, near as 
we can tell, is a fellow who is part owner of this and several other 
family properties in that town. He has almost no employees, so he has 
to move this stuff himself, most likely. He's not known for alacrity.

It's not as if he doesn't know he stands to gain from this, since I have 
agreed to fix the place up, and many other places he owns, all without 
much pay. I'll be doing work he physically cannot, nor has time to do, 
anyway. He has already stated in principle he would pay for any 
materials we need on this house, but it needs his attention soon, or we 
will be pretty much stuck where we are for another 6 months. Right now, 
there is no other feasible offer.

Our prayer is God builds a fire under this man, so that he acts with 
uncharacteristic fervor in doing his part to make this house available.

Farther down the road, I'm praying I can obtain a server-quality machine 
so as to self-host future ministry websites from this location. Net 
connections in this town are abundant.

Ed Hurst
Associate Editor, Open for Business: http://ofb.biz/
Applied Bible - http://ed.asisaid.com/index.html
Kiln of the Soul - http://soulkiln.blogspot.com/

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