[CS-FSLUG] Theory Exercise: Stable Desktop

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Dec 31 20:16:56 CST 2008

> Everything we don't intend to do for these non-techy users still has  
> to offer a GUI config utility, it has to work, and be stable.  
> Nothing squirrelly in the least. Right now, I have a major complaint  
> with too many old themes and not enough new ones. The old ones tend  
> to crash things in my experience. What's completely missing is  
> little applets for the bar at the bottom of the screen. I recall:  
> biff, CPU, Net, and clock/calendar. Nowadays the GNOME-compliant  
> version allows docking the likes of Pidgin on the toolbar, but I  
> doubt I could get the Weather applet to work that way.
> There has to be an app which will keep track of appointments with a  
> notifier, working even if the application is closed -- meaning it  
> has to run in the background. There has to be some drag-n-drop  
> capability, though not as much as Mac uses.
> There are pluses and minuses. Any other ideas?

	You might look at some of the projects building on GNUStep.  
Essentially, it's an implementation of the OpenStep API that morphed  
into Cocoa on the Mac and it is begging for a proper presentation.

	It depends what your ETA is. I think GNOME could be cleaned up and  
made into what you want in a few months, or at least a year. Most  
everything else, I suspect, you're looking at a lot longer process.


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