[CS-FSLUG] PD: Rick Warren: Opposed to gay marriage, not gay partnerships

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Dec 29 14:52:21 CST 2008

Warren Sanders wrote:
> Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> The problem with ANYONE in the pulpit, or ANY so-called Christian leader
>> or denomination that approves of homosexuality in ANY form is that it is
>> an approval of sin! And, that is my complaint and WELL founded in
>> Scripture. It has NOTHING to do with anything but condoning people
>> living in sin! I have the SAME reaction to those in Christianity who
>> have molested children, for example. Just so no one thinks I'm picking
>> on queers....I'm not.
> This is somewhat disturbing.  I would not suggest sexual sin be grounds
> for refused entry in a church.  I do not see how calling it "approval of
> sin" by allowing those seeking forgiveness of their sin.  There are many
> folks who do not understand yet they are living in sin.  I understand
> you did not say this, but when speaking on this, I think it is very
> important for pre-Christians to know they are welcome.  Love the sinner
> not the sin.

Of course, and correct...I didn't say that. What I'm talking about is
CONDONING any sin, not just homosexuality.

> I often hear professed Christians being quite abrasive when speaking
> truths.  I'm not disagreeing with what they are saying... just
> disagreeing with their delivery.  We must not feed solid food to
> pre-Christians expecting them to fully understand.  See what Hebrews
> 5:11-14 says.

It's simple....love the sinner, but not the sin. However, in doing so,
the sinner must understand that God DEMANDS that there must be
repentance, which includes asking for forgiveness AND NOT committing
that sin any longer. The problem is that most homosexuals want to keep
their sinful lifestyle AND be part of the Christian community. That,
based on Scripture, is IMPOSSIBLE.


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regularly -- and for the same reason."

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