[CS-FSLUG] TD: OFB: Have Yourself a Merry Little Culture War

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sat Dec 20 22:01:13 CST 2008

Ed Hurst wrote:
> Timothy Butler wrote:
>> Some food for thought/discussion from my most recent article:
> Which served as a springboard for my own thoughts on the matter:
> http://soulkiln.blogspot.com/2008/12/militant-failure.html

"For several years now, my family has pretty much ignored gift-giving,
and emphasized sharing food and music at family gatherings. I especially
despise the "Dirty Santa" sort of games, because they are specifically
designed to emphasize our materialist instincts. You can't claim it's
designed to teach folks to be less concerned about stuff, because stuff
and our lust for it the whole point of the game. It's no longer any fun
if all the participants were more giving, and quick to give away some
prized item. It's no fun if you can't poke fun at some poor soul who
walks away with a piece of trash. If that sort of thing entertains you,
I don't want to be around you."


"..........That comes closest to the biblical idea of celebrating and
giving God glory. I also support special meals for the hungry, but I
won't give money to organizations which do it only on holidays. It
always seems to end up being a public relations prop for someone who
would prefer to be famous. You get all sorts of manipulative admonitions
to contribute to So-n-so's annual Christmas whatever. Take away the name
and I'll give it more consideration, because otherwise it's pure
politics -- I know because I've been involved in them."

Quite! One of the organizations I do support is the Salvation Army as
they are involved in helping the needy year round, as well as sharing
the Gospel.

Good, Ed!


"Politicians and diapers need to be changed
regularly -- and for the same reason."

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