[CS-FSLUG] Tim, do you have any words of wisdom about this?

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Dec 17 22:47:52 CST 2008

>> Finally, (though I doubt this, unless Jobs really is extremely ill)  
>> it
>> may be that Apple is trying to de-emphasize the Stevenote so that
>> investors don't see the company's fate so tied up with one man.
>> Likewise, if Phil Shiller does a great job and announces some  
>> products
>> at MacWorld, it would further build up the idea that Jobs is not
>> irreplaceable. A good thing.
> Logical. I still have a gut feeling that Jobs is not all that well.  
> Time
> will tell.

	Quite possible. A good reason to pray for him, particularly since he  
is "spiritual" but certainly not Christian.


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