[CS-FSLUG] fyi, migration the other way, linux=>windows

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 15:18:33 CST 2008

Fred A. Miller wrote:

> openSUSE is the only distro. that will have (on the DVD release) on the
> upcoming 11.1 release, next week, under "option" to install with KDE
> 3.5.10.* simply because what users want in 4.1 isn't in it yet, but
> expected in 4.2. From what I can see, KDE 4 WILL be faster and feature
> rich, once all the features have been backportred to it, and apps. the same.

That's not a bad idea. I haven't used KDE in a while, but version 4 
doesn't appeal to me one bit. I don't feel that KDE offers anything over 
Windows XP any more and I've been using Gnome here and there for the 
last few months or so when I'm not in Windows.

I know it sounds like a troll, but I'm being serious. I've had to go 
back to using Windows for Microsoft Office, Omnipage and PDF Converter 
Pro when I need to get work done, and I need Windows to run AnyDVD, 
DVDFab, iTunes and Photoshop Elements when I'm not working. I don't have 
much time to use Linux any more, and when I do use it I'm finding Gnome 
more appealing than KDE.

Nathan T.

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