[CS-FSLUG] HP preloads SuSE Linux

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 23:54:53 CST 2008


If I understood their site right HP has provided SuSE Linux as an option 
on it's small business machines for a while in Canada, the only catch is 
that no machines are pre-configured to come with it, but rather that 
would be a CTO option. At the very least they list SuSE Enterprise Linux 
as a compatible OS for many of their business machines, and I can assure 
you first hand that they do run Linux quite well (wireless included). 
 From my first experience with my 6510b, I think I'll be very inclined 
to get another HP Compaq business machine next time I'm wanting a new 

Nathan T.

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