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> How much of a difference do you think that it makes that students
> learn on a mainframe?  Is it a pro or a con?
> I'd expect that most computer science programs these days will
> probably give their students some exposure to Linux.  During my days
> as an undergrad I encountered mostly Linux, a decent chunk of windows,
> some solaris and mac os X.  At the school where I'm doing my Ph.D.,
> you also won't get through as computer science undergrad without
> encountering Linux at some point).
> At the same point in time, I also hope that no computer science
> program exposes their students ONLY to Linux.
CPCC's program will introduce students to various OSes early on, and allow
students to choose between a GNU/Linux track or a Windows track once they
start moving beyond basic networking.  However, CPCC's program will actively
encourage students toward GNU/Linux, due to demand in our local region.
Since this is the #2 community collegee in the nation, I think it's
significant that they are taking such a step.

The difference is, they are not simply exposing students to a little
GNU/Linux, as if it were a side-show.  While they still maintain Windows
programs, they are developing a GNU/Linux track to meet the demand of the
business community.  The business community is asking CPCC for help finding
GNU/Linux folks.

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