[CS-FSLUG] TruTone vs. Leather

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Fri Aug 1 20:11:54 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,
	Does anyone here have insight into the difference between a TruTone  
Bible and a Leather one? I think TruTone may be an imitation leather,  
but I haven't really been able to get much insight into it. I was  
going to order a Bible with a coupon that expires before the next time  
I can get to Ye Old Bookseller (a.k.a. Barnes & Noble), so I thought  
I'd ask to see if anyone knows.

	I was going to do the genuine leather for $3 more, but the TruTone in  
the pictures has nice stitching and actually looks a bit prettier, I  
think. Very superficial I know. I do like the way leather Bibles wear  
and work as far as being held for preaching/teaching, though. They fit  
more organically than a hardcover and wear better than either hard  
covers or paperbacks.


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