[CS-FSLUG] Fingerprint system

Vincent Danen vdanen at linsec.ca
Tue Sep 25 11:46:15 CDT 2007

* David McGlone <david.mcglone at att.net> [2007-09-25 06:30:37 -0400]:

>> >> > I have no clue how to explain this, but I'll do my best. And forgive
>> >> > me if this sounds idiotic but I am genuinely concerned about this
>> >> > issue.
>> >> >
>> >> > My 3 kids school have started a fingerprint system where the parents
>> >> > can send their kids lunch money etc, etc to the school and the school
>> >> > will
>> You say "can send their kids"... is this a requirement?  Is there a way
>> to opt out and have your kids go to school with cold hard cash or will
>> they refuse to feed them?
>The system is for the kids who have the cold hard cash. Any cash sent to the 
>school with the child is associated with their fingerprint. Just like putting 
>your money in the bank and using your debit card.
>I will find out today If I can opt out for my kids.

Hmmm..  I wouldn't like that either.  So they bring cash to school, give
it to the fingerprint overlord, and then they can spend their cash by
swiping their fingerprint?  Seems like a stupid system to me... if
you're bringing the cash to school already, you should be able to spend
it as-is.

I can see if, perhaps, the parents paid the school to "top up" the
account for the kids to use... like those pre-paid walmar or subway
credit cards that they're advertising to send with your university kid
(so they spend the "money" to eat at subway rather than buy beer, etc.).
But if the kid themself is bringing the cash anyways, I don't get why
the wouldn't just allow them to use the cash.

>> Is there something against your kids bringing 
>> a bag lunch or *must* they use the cafeteria?
>There isn't anything against bag lunch, My kids do pack every day, but there 
>are days I have to send lunch money with them because I ran out of lunchmeat 
>or something.

I can understand that.  At least they're not dictating that the kids
*have* to eat the school food, etc.

Sounds like not so much fun to deal with.  I wish you luck.  =)
Hopefully they won't be so restrictive and allow your kids to use the
cash they're carrying.

Vincent Danen @ http://linsec.ca/

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