[CS-FSLUG] Please tell me what you think

Pastor George C Cook Pastor.George at nehemiah-center.org
Wed Oct 31 21:26:25 CDT 2007

Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings from one of the lurkers!

I have launched some Christian websites and have only just some 
limited resources to check them as far and
compatibility with various browsers.

If you find time in your busy schedules maybe you could pop in and do 
a bit of proof testing for me and report any
obvious problems


This is a Forum


This is like a myspace kind of thing


This is our 24/7 radio station and I am very interested in seeing if 
you can get the radio to work in Linux
I have been pretty unsuccessful with FC7 and kind of don't know what 
I am missing.  If I go to the shoutcast feed directly
I can tune in with Amarok but no other way.

Anyway Bless you and if you do drop in I pray the sites bless you and 
that you have fun too!

Pastor George

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