[CS-FSLUG] The Truth Project

Micah Yoder yoderm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 22:54:22 CDT 2007


Just wanted to point out a *great* new thing going on from Focus on
the Family -- The Truth Project.

It is a 12 week DVD small group study which aims to transform people
through a thorough exploration of the Christian worldview and showing
that there is no direction we can look (philosophy, science,
government, morals, etc) where God has not spoken.

I'm in a group now, have done up through week 3, and the material is
absolutely *fantastic*.

I think a lot of the reasons why we have so many issues in the church
where it isn't much better than the world is because few folks truly
understand the full implications of the Christian worldview.  If we
really believe what we say we believe, things should be a lot

Assuming the last 9 weeks are just as good, I'm fully convinced that
*every* churchgoer should go through this material in a group!


God bless,

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