[CS-FSLUG] Content Management Software

Vincent Danen vdanen at linsec.ca
Thu Oct 4 16:00:44 CDT 2007

* Whitt Madden <whittmadden at gmail.com> [2007-10-04 15:00:23 -0500]:

>I do use Wordpress as well.  For blogs, it really can't be beat.

I'm using serendpity for my blog.  Most people I know seem to be using
wordpress, but when you compare the two, serendipity comes out in terms
of features:


Has anyone used both and can give a good comparison between the two?
I've often contemplated moving to wordpress, but I think that's the
sheep in me more than anything.  =)

Vincent Danen @ http://linsec.ca/

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