[CS-FSLUG] Content Management Software

Jason Franklin jpfagapeu at mac.com
Thu Oct 4 14:55:49 CDT 2007

The two CMSs I use are Joomla for websites and WordPress for blogs.   
The reason is quite simple.  They're my favorite of the CMSs that  
come with the hosting service that Tim provides.  I'm not super  
technical and they scratch my itch.

Jason Franklin
Westwood Bible Fellowship
pastor.jason at westwoodbf.com
web: www.westwoodbf.com
blog: www.westwoodbf.com/tboc

> Ed Hurst wrote:
>> Gentle listmembers: I'm trying to learn. Tell me about your favorite
>> Open Source content management software and why you like it.  
>> Assume we
>> are talking about running it on a Linux server.

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