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David McGlone david.mcglone at att.net
Mon Oct 1 21:30:19 CDT 2007

On Monday 01 October 2007 9:31:05 am Robinson Mitchell wrote:
> Greetings to the list from someone who mostly lurks.
> I wanted to send a note to the list because I suspect there may be
> some list members who might enjoy reading a book by John Elder Robison
> entitled _Look Me In The Eye_.  His blog and information about the
> book is here:
> http://www.jerobison.blogspot.com/
> How does this relate to Linux?  John Robison is an Aspergian, someone
> who has Asperger's syndrome, a genetic neurological condition related
> to the autism spectrum.  Aspergians tend to be extremely bright, and
> gravitate to machines and computers.  Socially they tend to be a bit
> awkward, and studies show a much larger demographic of Aspergians in
> the IT profession than can be accounted for by raw probability.  I
> know two Aspergians who are in IT, and I suspect there may be some
> other folks who read this list who have been a bit different than
> other people in ways that are difficult to express.
> On this list there are a lot of very bright people who are good with
> IT.  There are a few geeks as well, folks who are really good with IT
> but maybe not so strong with people.  In the latter group there are
> likely some folks who never heard of Asperger's but for whom reading
> John Robison's book might be a revelation.
> And with those words posted, I'll probably go back to lurking for a
> few months.
> BTW I have not bought the book, though I've read some interviews with
> Robison and the book is on my todo list.  I'm not connected with the
> author or publisher in any way - I just happen to know some IT folks
> who have Aspergers and a couple of Christian Aspergians as well, and
> thought that there may be some others who would enjoy or benefit from
> knowing about this book.

I hope the book has word wrap ;-)

David M.

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