[CS-FSLUG] International Data

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Wed Nov 28 15:04:18 CST 2007

Josiah, we can will move some of this off-list...

The easiest way to join the ICCM email list is to send an email to:
iccm-tech-subscribe at yahoogroups.com 
You do not need to make a yahoogroups login or anything.  Sending an 
email to that will subscribe whatever was in the "from" part of your email.

Centrallix/Kardia is geared towards having most of what you mentioned, 
as a portal for churches, donors, missionaries, etc.  While we do not 
have current plans for a kiosk, that sort of thing should be fairly easy 
to add connections for.

More to come (how to connect to the project, etc) in an email off-list...

    - Tim

Josiah Ritchie wrote:
> On 11/28/07, Tim Young <Tim.Young at lightsys.org> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I have had some experience with this.  ;)  Actually, the last three
>> weeks I have been working on such a package (opensource, community
>> developed, etc.).(snip)
> I'm so incredibly interested in this I don't think words describe. :-)
> It sounds like exactly what I've been thinking about. Currently
> solutions are ridicusously expensive. Let's work together and support
> the gospel as a united team of organizations. I'd be glad to become
> involved by testing it out, reporting bugs and whatever else. I've got
> a couple servers sitting around not doing anything and looking for a
> home. I would also be interested in writing documentation and more.
> I've heard of Kardia and Centrallix, but thought because the pages
> were so out of date that they were failing. If I could get them
> up-to-date and maybe start casting the vision around some of the
> places I'm connected to, perhaps we could help get it exposed and help
> get people involved.
> I've had this idea of a touch screen kiosk to access missionary
> information, blogs, pictures etc. in a church foyer in my head for
> ages. It would be neat if mission agencies (or missionaries) could
> have a standard way to provide this sort of stuff so churches could
> just pick it up.
>> Oh.  Regardless, the best folks to talk about this will be at the ICCM
>> conference (www.ICCM.org).  While at the conference, you would probably
>> not have all your questions answered, but you would make the contacts
>> with the people who can answer them...
> I've found it kinda hard to get into that group through the web. I'm
> seriously thinking about taking on going to one of their conferences
> though. I'm sure there are some great contacts to be met and things to
> be learned.
> JSR/

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