[CS-FSLUG] Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Eduardo Sanchez lists at sombragris.org
Thu Nov 22 07:03:12 CST 2007

I would like to extend my wishes for the happiest Thanksgiving to all 
our American members.

This came today in the Daily Office, and is taken from the Presbyterian 
Book of Common Prayer:

Give thanks to the Lord who is good.
God's love is everlasting.
Come, let us praise God joyfully.
Let us come to God with thanksgiving.
For the good world;
for things great and small, beautiful and awesome;
for seen and unseen splendors; 
Thank you, God.
For human life;
for talking and moving and thinking together;
for common hopes and hardships shared from birth 
until our dying; 
Thank you, God.
For work to do and strength to work;
for the comradeship of labor;
for exchanges of good humor and encouragement;
Thank you, God.
For committed relationships;
for the mystery and joy of love;
for mutual forgiveness and burdens shared;
for secrets kept in love; 
Thank you, God.
For family;
for living together and eating together;
for family amusements and family pleasures;
Thank you, God.
For children;
for their energy and curiosity;
for their brave play and startling frankness;
for their sudden sympathies;
Thank you, God.
For the young;
for their high hopes;
for their irreverence toward worn-out values;
for their search for freedom;
for their solemn vows; 
Thank you, God.
For growing up and growing old;
for wisdom deepened by experience;
for rest in leisure;
and for time made precious by its passing;
Thank you, God.
For your help in times of doubt and sorrow;
for healing our diseases;
for preserving us in temptation and danger;
Thank you, God.
For the church into which we have been called;
for the good news we receive by Word and Sacrament;
for our life together in the Lord;
We praise you, God.
For your Holy Spirit,
who guides our steps and 
brings us gifts of faith and love;
who prays in us and prompts our grateful worship;
We praise you, God.
Above all, O God, for your Son Jesus Christ,
who lived and died and lives again for our salvation;
for our hope in him;
and for the joy of serving him;
We thank and praise you, Eternal God,
for all your goodness to us.
Give thanks to the Lord, who is good.
God's love is everlasting.
Almighty and gracious Father, 
we give you thanks 
for the fruits of the earth in their season 
and for the labors of those who harvest them. 
Make us, we pray, faithful stewards of your great bounty, 
for the provision of our necessities
and the relief of all who are in need, 
to the glory of your Name; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Blessings to all!! Now, if you pass that turkey drumstick with some 
stuffing please... :)

Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America
 Heav'n but the Vision of fulfill'd Desire,
 And Hell the Shadow from a Soul on fire,
   Cast on the Darkness into which Ourselves,
 So late emerged from, shall so soon expire.

	-- The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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