[CS-FSLUG] FOSS Evangelism

veritosproject at gmail.com veritosproject at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 18:23:29 CST 2007

Josiah Ritchie wrote:
> It's been good to hear about everyone's experiences. Sounds
> like much of the same. It also sounds like the ability to
> be involved with people face-to-face makes a difference in
> communicating that we care about them. Has anyone
>derived other items of note from this or have other things to
> share?

I've noticed (not just online, this is meatspace also) that a lot of
believers tend to love non-believers less, and sometimes have an
attitude of "I'm too holy to be seen with you." We're all probably
guilty of this to some extent. I believe that "eating with sinners,"
both online and in real life, is an area to be worked on by most if
not all believers.

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