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D.C. Parris don at blue-gnu.biz
Fri Nov 16 21:54:21 CST 2007

On Friday 16 November 2007 18:46, David McGlone wrote:
> On Friday 16 November 2007 9:31:34 am Josiah Ritchie wrote:
> > I'd be curious what other people's observations are. How do you show
> > these people the love and wrath of God in an accurate way? What seems
> > to result in opportunity?
> Don't push it on them. Be yourself and be very helpful. Always lead by
> example, and keep your morals high and be persistant and they will soon
> follow.
> I have a friend who lives in Chicago, took me about 6 years of just being
> there to listen to her, give her kind advise, and try to make her happy
> when she's sad. Now she's considering joining a church and has been asking
> me for spiritual music and not once did I ever mention about her going to
> church, becoming a christian or anything of that nature, BUT I know I had
> an influence on her because I was the first one she told and she was very
> excited to tell me, so that there told me she had me in mind when she made
> her decision.
In a very similar manner, my Pa led a hunting guide to Christ, whereas most of 
the ministers that had been through there before were always 'preaching'.  
Because of that, the guide was curious and began to ask questions.  I think 
the wife influenced him a bit as well, but I think it was Pa's 2nd hunting 
trip (on the house this time) that the guide actually came to Christ.  It may 
have been the 3rd trip, but real evangelism take time in most cases.

There have been times when I have caught myself feeling like I should have the 
evangelism wrapped up in an hour - you know, kind of like the cops always 
solve the crime in an hour on T.V. ;-)  Reality just doesn't work that way.  
ymmv, of course.

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