[CS-FSLUG] Relevant worship

Ed Dodds dodds at conmergence.com
Fri Nov 16 06:29:33 CST 2007

 David M. wrote:
>So in a way I felt the service was actually a waste of my time.

Yes, I think the Emergent church movement, others, are really just symptoms
of the fact that a lot of congregations, denominations, etc. are struggling
to be relevant to any congregant. Small/home churches, Barna research,
general interdenominational drift/church shopping are all indicators that
the rift between the way folks learn and modify their behaviors ( grow in
grace ) during the week and what can typically takes place on a Sunday
morning ( no more than SUV mini-pilgrimmages where you play tag with God by
touching the altar and then go home for another week ) aren't get the job of
meeting needs done.

I think open tools, open access, digital libraries, ( Curriki, DSpace
models, etc. ) forums, wikis and more accessible web sites all can play a
role in greater collaboration between Christians -- but for the most part
publishing houses, seminaries, pastors all stand to lose some green to allow
the distributed fellowship model advance very far. 


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