[CS-FSLUG] "telework" in general, have laptop -- need job

Ed Dodds ed.dodds at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 12:30:14 CST 2007

Ed Hurst wrote:

>What can techies do to improve our witness?

Well, there is a big push on now for the One Laptop Per Child
initiative ( http://laptop.org/) and the logic holds just as well for
these tykes that if employers are not willing to allow folks to work
where they are ( as they grow up ) then all you've created is a
further push of the global rural folks into the cities. That's ok I
guess if they can afford to make the move or if they don't have
extended family who depend on them, but that seems to just be begging
for further overburdened urban infrastructure globally.

All that to say that I guess that one thing folks can do ( other
blogging about it ) is to mention the 70% stat re: folks with
disabilities whenever the topic of tech enablement comes up. Christian
employees|employers can use that "salt of the earth" affect in several
different ways...

Also, FWIW:

Accessible Congregations Campaign

Other Ed

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