[CS-FSLUG] Please tell me what you think

Pastor George C Cook Pastor.George at nehemiah-center.org
Thu Nov 1 20:29:08 CDT 2007

I must be doing something wrong
Its got something to do with the proxy settings

Thanks guys!

Jesus Loves YOU!

Like a LOT.

me too

Pastor George

At 07:11 PM 11/1/2007, you wrote:
>Pastor George C Cook wrote:
> > This is our 24/7 radio station and I am very interested in seeing if
> > you can get the radio to work in Linux
> > I have been pretty unsuccessful with FC7 and kind of don't know what
> > I am missing.  If I go to the shoutcast feed directly
> > I can tune in with Amarok but no other way.
> >
> > Anyway Bless you and if you do drop in I pray the sites bless you and
> > that you have fun too!
> >
> > Pastor George
>Hey PG, I was able to listen in using PCLinuxos and the Kaffene player
>on your realmedia stream just fine.
>-Rev. Linc Fessenden
>In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded - Yeah right...
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