[CS-FSLUG] Port 445 and Samba

Hilding Egestal he7316575 at yahoo.se
Wed May 30 07:53:55 CDT 2007


I am dealing with Samba and XPPrinter. I have read
that You have to have port 445 open in XP in order to
get it right. E.g. I cannot see from the XP-PC my
shared folders in Linux/Ubuntu, but I can actually in
my Ubuntu-PC see the XP-folders. I don't know if my
printerproblems are connected to this, but I have a
sort of suspicion....

If port 445 or 139 shall be open, does this give me
securityproblems with other intgruders than my
UbuntuPC? And whre do I open port 445? I have
Zonealarm instead of WindowsFirewall.

Hilding in Sweden

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