[CS-FSLUG] Ichthux alive ? - mais, oui !

Georges Rodier gwgr at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 26 14:21:42 CDT 2007

No, I'm not a part of the Ichthux project but I do see the English error messages at ichthux.com .

However, I am able to see the French text and at least a couple of the download sites appear to be up.  Last updated mid-September, I believe.  The USA site in the US is not available to me at the moment - but the USA site in the UK is.

It does make one wonder if the group is having problems - or if they have suffered some kind of malware attack.

Here is the list of download sites from http://www.ichthux.com/download :

"Ichthux 6.09 "Amazing Grace" is out!
It can be obtained from:

    * Denmark (http://ichthux.pj2.org)
    * USA (http://matheteuo.org/)
    * France (http://ichthux.free.fr)
    * France (http://fr.mirror.ichthux.com)
    * USA (http://us.mirror.ichthux.com)
    * USA (http://www.misterben.org.uk)

High bandwidth paid downloads are also available from MadTux.org.
Development versions

Development of Ichthux 6.10 has just begun and there is no iso available yet.
Old versions

Ichthux was previously based on Knoppix. A few releases were made between April and May 2005. The iso images for the Ichthux 0.5 "Valenciana" CD are still available on the Crosswire server by ftp or http."

Hope this information helps.

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