[CS-FSLUG] Recommended Joomla Add-ons?

singingfalls mohair at singingfalls.com
Thu Jun 21 11:46:27 CDT 2007

When I went to the JOOMLA site the the navigation column on the left of 
the demo posted in a muddled fashion. It seems that firefox is either 
not reading it right or that joomla doesn't comply. Anyone else have 
this problem?


Don Parris wrote:

> I can't seem to find where to turn on the comments feature, hence my
> question about that.  I just installed the feature story module, and 
> need to
> tweak it somehow to fit properly into the sidebar.  It looks like a double
> <ul> tag is involved, but I don't know my way around CMSes well enough yet
> to just go poking around.  Part of the problem is I wouldn't know where to
> look in this case.

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