[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu and a mysterious update

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Sun Jun 17 05:57:53 CDT 2007

Hilding Egestål schrieb:
> I have compared UUID at the start in GRUB (Fedora6) with etc/fstab in Ub
> 7.04, They are the same. At the same time GParted in GNOME says that the
> mounting point for hda1 (=Ub 7.04) can not be found.
> So, my quess is that there are some problems with the partitioning, I
> cannot find any explanation, so I will live with it. And that the
> command "reboot" will put the process to a right end I cannot
> understand.
Yes, thast's really mysterious.
reboot normally does "init 6"

In ubuntu runlevel 2 is taxt mod normaly and runleve 3 is X.
So try "init 3" at the prompt. if this helps chech /etc/inittab for an 
entry "default runlevel". this should be 3.

maybe thgis helps


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