[CS-FSLUG] OFB: The Real Announcement at WWDC: Safari for Windows

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 22:44:44 CDT 2007

The biggest failure of any Apple program on Windows is that it  
doesn't match the theme and feel, and requires more resources and a  
more powerful graphics card. In fact, even in its native environment  
a Mac application seems to put more strain on the computer, even if  
the difference is so subtle as to only make a fraction of a  
difference I've noticed it. iTunes succeeded because it's a killer  
app, maybe not a glass of ice-water to someone in hell, but the only  
gateway to the most successful digital music store I know of.  
Quicktime isn't as widespread, and most likely got most of it's users  
thanks to bundling with iTunes. Safari could try and take advantage  
of being bundled with iTunes, but that doesn't mean it'll be used.  
Lets not forget that Internet Exploder is installed by default on  
100% of computers running Windows, yet despite this it doesn't have  
as many users as Windows does.


On 11-Jun-07, at 10:12 PM, Timothy Butler wrote:

> I have mixed feelings about it, but I think it has potential, at
> least. I find Safari a bit "cleaner" feeling (and like its rendering
> a bit better) than Firefox. The newer WebKit builds fix some of the
> thing I don't like about it, such as lack of WYSIWYG support on web
> forms. Don't get me wrong, I like Firefox too, but I suspect Safari
> might be able to appeal to some people who don't like the Firefox way
> of doing certain things (like RSS, for example). Incidentally, since
> Microsoft basically copied Safari's look and feel for IE7, its UI is
> already familiar as well.
> The big question I didn't hear addressed is if Safari for Windows
> will link with .Mac. If so, I'd find it really useful, since my one
> Windows system would have all of my bookmarks on it.
> 	-Tim

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