[CS-FSLUG] Quitting my job

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Sun Jun 10 11:44:26 CDT 2007

On Thursday 07 June 2007, Nathan T. wrote:
> I just wanted to follow up on this rather than leave you all
> wondering what happened to me and my job.
> I haven't given my notice yet. I have a co-worker hanging in the
> balance who doesn't yet work the front comfortably, some of the
> software still leaves me ripping my hair out (Simply accounting as
> P.O.S software?! "MIRACLE SERVICE" GRRR!!!). So far replies to my
> resumes have been less than optimistic, one of the other computer
> stores that at one point was offering me jobs is now taking it's time
> to review my resume. I was told that I'd have to come back and kindly
> nag to manager there, no wonder they're down to what looks like their
> last three staff. So far I haven't handed out other resumes because
> dad's starting to get in the way by trying to be helpful, and I most
> certainly don't want to go from a salesman who has to deal with non-
> english speaking computer illiterate people on the phone at a
> computer store from time to time, to being full time phone support
> staff for the local ISP.
> What I have done is sent off e-mails to some Canadian Universities,
> so far I've e-mailed Brandon University and U of A Augustana. I plan
> to have e-mails off to Mt. Allisson U in the maritimes, U of
> Saskatchewan, and I'm still keeping my eyes open (although I smaller
> communities that still have work available over sizable cities.
> Ps. I'm not keen on crossing any borders to get to university. I have
> settled on computer science as a major because it seems most Canadian
> Universities don't make a distinction between that and software
> engineering, and I haven't yet chosen a minor.
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I'm praying for you at this time of changes, Nathan. God bless you as He 
guides you.


Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America

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