[CS-FSLUG] June 2007 Distribution Releases

Gabe Ginorio gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 2 16:00:34 CDT 2007

Looks like Ubuntu is still going strong,
> 2007-6-28 Edubuntu 7.10-alpha2
> 2007-6-28 Xubuntu 7.10-alpha2
> 2007-6-28 Edubuntu 7.10-alpha2
> 2007-6-28 Kubuntu 7.10-alpha2
> 2007-6-28 Ubuntu 7.10-alpha2
> 2007-6-7 Xubuntu 7.10-alpha1
> 2007-6-7 Edubuntu 7.10-alpha1
> 2007-6-7 Kubuntu 7.10-alpha1
> 2007-6-7 Ubuntu 7.10-alpha1
> 2007-6-1 Ubuntu CE 3.2
After moving into a new apartment, I've got my roommate using Ubuntu 
instead of Windows. So now we're a Mac and Linux house; so sorry Windows.

Personally, I used Ubuntu for the last year or so (I use Slax live at 
work). I decided to switch to Fedora to see what is happening (still 
download .deb's every once in a while by accident).

So, I'm running XFce on Fedora 7 and discovering all the amazing small 
apps available (Exaile). Curious though, XFce doesn't have a "Network 
Manager". How does one select a wireless network without using 
NetworkManager? (I can't seem to get it to stay in XFce's system tray).


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