[CS-FSLUG] Gnomesword (Hilding)

edoc7 edoc7 at verizon.net
Fri Sep 29 11:27:30 CDT 2006

 > Chad Fluegge wrote:
> I would recommend BibleDesktop...
> It takes a little to get it installed, but once installed, you won't 
> have any problems.

What are the dependencies of BibleDesktop, please?
Is Gnome required or just Java?

Puppy Linux offers KDE and Gnome as options but I
hate the unnecessary bloat.  I have never missed
either of them over the past couple of years running
Linux without them.

Java is already necessary for lots of stuff on the
Net, some Amateur Radio apps, and Thingamablog, so
I have to live with that bloat.  There are some
smaller versions than the full Sun one.

GTK and TK/TCL are really small but powerful and
host lots of great apps.

YMMV ... doc

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