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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Wed Sep 20 21:58:11 CDT 2006

I sampled Kubuntu and also found it dodgy.

Chad Fluegge wrote:

> One problem that I have noticed so far - and it's kinda big - is that I can
> see the Kubuntu hard drive, but I cannot mount it or access it. This is a
> problem, because it has all my music... :-( I have another way of getting at
> my music; but, if possible, I'd like to be able to just copy it right to my
> new hd. Any tips? This is the error that I get when I try to access the hard
> drive: error: device /dev/hda1 is not removable
> error: could not execute pmount

Try the manual command line. First, I suggest you create a mount point 
in /media called data.

    mkdir /media/data

Then, do this:

    mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /media/data

That's assuming the file system is ext3, and the partition you want is 
actually hda1.

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