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Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Wed Sep 6 09:55:27 CDT 2006

You could always use runbox as a dropbox that gmail then picks up from. Then you have the backup on runbox consistently, but you have it also in gmail for flexibility.

Then you simply have to ask if you want google to be reading your email.


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> Morning everyone,
> I have just taken out email hosting with the company
> http://www.runbox.com and would like to reccomend them.
> They are running on a Debian patform and provide
> 10 GB email storage space.
> 1 GB file storage space. (seperate space for keeping files, very handy !)
> 100 MB message size limit.
> Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and WAP access.
> Secure SSL access for webmail and email clients
> Also their webmail interface is very clean, simple and functional.
> I had two friends who had their Gmail accounts randomly disabled in
> August and I did a Google search  and it appears to happen a lot. So
> in light of this I looked for a hosted email service. Unfortunately I
> don't trust the webhosting company I work for with my email. ( A
> terrible thing to say I know.)
> I suddenly realised how much I depend on Gmail and that there is
> really nothing to stop them just closing my account and me losing all
> my data. A scary thought !
> So I have moved my important correspondence to Runbox and keep gmail
> for threads etc.
> I do miss having threaded messages though, gmail does it so well.
> Oh yes and it costs about £30 a year.
> 'Mash
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