[CS-FSLUG] Linux distributions

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 23:32:17 CST 2006

Hey list members

It's been a while since I've used Linux, I haven't used AL since I  
got that Microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000 of mine which it  
wouldn't support. I tried Kubuntu recently but the networking was  
broken, it wouldn't mount my password protected network share no  
matter how hard I tried.

I doubt I'll be going back near SUSE because I don't like the mess  
they're getting into with Microsoft and I've never been really  
impressed with YaST's hunger for system resources. I considered  
Mandriva but I'd need to be completely reoriented because they seem  
to have moved away from urpmi, and as many of you may remember I  
don't like Fedora much because they neglect KDE and there's a lot of  
effort required to fix that.

I was hoping that someone could take the time to reintroduce me to a  
distribution, probably Mandriva. I would like to find one that uses  
KDE, has most of the C++ developer tools including Qt Designer and Qt  
Assistant, preferably has a commercial package that includes the  
latest flash player, proper mp3 support working all through KDE, and  
the proprietary NVidia drivers.

I'd be more likely to re-approach Linux now that I've seen flash  
working well on the latest Kubuntu. It looked like all the timing  
issues were fixed and the sound was once again synced with the video.  
Perhaps some of you might recommend that I wait for the latest  
upcoming version? Or perhaps someone could tell me about the Mandriva  
Club and payment options?

I look forward to some replies, I've got an empty computer here ready  
and waiting for an OS.

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