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Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Tue Nov 28 07:31:02 CST 2006

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> Gentle Listmembers: I am requesting donations of spare computer
> and parts.
> Background: My church has a bus ministry. On Saturdays, we have a
> or so buses go into the poorest neighborhoods near our facility and
> bring in a hundred or so kids. They have "Saturday Bus Church" and not
> few make decisions to serve Christ just about every week.
> As part of our annual Care Day outreach, the Computer Help Team would
> like to gather up some donated used computers to refurbish and give to
> some of these kids. Essentially, the computer becomes a doorway for
> continuing involvement in the recipients' households, since they will
> doubt need support and maintenance.
> Our target is 10 systems, with printer and the works. We would like
> them to be Net-ready, so modems are nearly essential (under the
> assumption these families aren't likely to find broadband affordable).
> We believe a local provider will help us with affordable dialup
> 1. Pray for this endeavor.
> 2. Consider if you have any useful hardware you can ship to the church
> house in Oklahoma City (mailing address upon request).
> Need I say I will do my best to insure some of these kids get a Linux
> computer? Just teaching them how to use it would be a great outreach
> opportunity. Should something go horribly wrong and we not be able to
> hand these computers off to some kids, we guarantee they will be used
> some other church-based give-away program.

:-) I'll look around. We just cleaned up a bunch so I'm not sure what we
have left, but won't putting Linux on them mean less opportunity to come
back? j/k

My experience putting a Ubuntu box in my wife's parent's house, a
low-tech household, would suggest that providing a USB Stick and the
accompanied training would help avoid the messy floppy support. Maybe
you could even brand the USB sticks with the church name & phone # so
that they have that handy when they have problems. :-)


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