[CS-FSLUG] TD: Ezekiel and Tyre

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Nov 22 22:36:25 CST 2006

Hi everyone,
	I've been doing some research which has lead me into dealing with  
the "Open Theism" movement, which denies God's foreknowledge. One  
defense that movement has is its critique of certain prophecies. For  
example, Ezekiel 26's Oracle against Tyre.

	It seems that Tyre proper was on an island, and while Babylon  
destroyed the mainland part of Tyre, it did not destroy the city on  
the island. The fact that Ezekiel prophecies the destruction of Tyre,  
and later "offers" Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar since Tyre didn't produce  
fruit, is cited as showing God didn't know what would happen, but  
could only guess.

	I've read some discussions on different ways to deal with this, such  
as suggesting that the mainland city was the real Tyre, rather than  
the island city. Or, saying that Ezekiel was dealing primarily in  
showing God's judgement rather than specific events.

	What do you all think?


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