[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu and Samba

he7316575 he7316575 at yahoo.se
Sun Nov 19 13:56:33 CST 2006

Now I have two computers functioning with Ubuntu, Bibletime, and I can 
read files from one PC to another. It is time for the printer. I have 
made an installation with Samba. And that is the reason why I can read 
these files.

My Brother computer is locally installed with CUPS in PCyellow (I have 
also XP on that PC) and on PCbrown I have made the CUPSinstallation with 
the two files for the printer, but I have got stuck now. I don't know 
how to connect the printer to the PCbrown within Samba.

Or, is it easier to get a network without Samba?

Greetings from Sweden
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