John Mark Clayton clayton256 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:22:14 CST 2006

Anyone using VOIP?  Friends living in the Bahamas encouraged me to install
Skype so we could call each other for free.  It's not too bad from Windows, but
the Linux version lags way behind.  So, I started looking into open source
alternatives that offer PC-to-POTS calls.  I see several PC-to-PC projects, but
only one PC-to-POTS: OpenWengo/Wengo/WengoPhone (what ever the
difference is between all these names).  First, can you recommend some
reading naterial?  What's the difference between VOIP & SIPS.  If you do use
VOIP, do you use a PC or an enabled phone?
clayton256 at gmail.com

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