[CS-FSLUG] My View on the MS/Novell Deal

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Fri Nov 17 11:55:09 CST 2006

Either way, I'm seeing an increase in traffic on my personal site today since it was posted. I even had a guy fill out my Contact form to say he liked what I wrote. That was neat!

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On 11/16/06, Timothy Butler <tbutler at ofb.biz> wrote:
Hi Don,
        Josiah's (expanded) article is up on OFB if your interested in
aggregating it over at LXer:


        I just sent it in to your system. I meant to post that on the list
and didn't get around to it (oops!).

        By the way, do you guys have feeds somehow go automatically into the
submissions system? I notice frequently you pick up on OFB articles 
incredibly fast! I seem to remember from back in the LinuxDailyNews
days Rick (Lehrbaum) and I had talked about using some kind of nifty
automatic submissions software that Dave was developing for LXer.


Tim, we did have your site in our aggregation list.  I'm not sure it still is.  Seems you sort of took a break for a while, and we may have dropped OFB during that time.  Seems like we also had a post or two that were more about faith than tech, or at least weren't suitable for our audience.  I don't control the aggregation, but I do make recommendations.  I had OFB added to the aggregation list either late last year or early this year.  I will look into the current status and get back to you. 


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